How to make vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips?

How to make vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips? More and more people like the vacuum fried fruits and vegetable chips or sticks because its healthy,less oil content,crunchy crispy taste. Off course the vacuum fried fruits should be processed by vacuum fryer, but also you need other processing steps. But do you know how to make the vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips crispy and good taste? Normally,most vegetables process like this: fruits washing & peeling,slicing,blanching(some no need), soak maltose(some no need),de-watering,Freezing,vacuum frying,cooling,flavoring,packing. But [...]

How to produce the mushroom popcorn industrial?

If you are a snacks factory and want to produce the popcorn,you can pay attention on our 100-500kgs/h different capacity popcorn production line. This popcorn production line including popcorn poppers,cooling and scattering conveyor, separating drum,flavoring machine. You just need to start the popcorn popper, and feeding oil into popcorn popper,then corn kernels (maltose,caramel or other flavoring if needed),keep the popcorn popper heating and mixing, finally you can get popcorn. Then discharge the popcorn to the converyor, it will cooling,scarttering,separating,flavoring,and packing. If you [...]

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