How to select a right and top quality vacuum frying machine?

The vacuum fried food is dehydrated at a low temperature under vacuum condition take oil as the Intermediary. Due to the presence of vacuum, dehydration plays an important role. So it is different from the traditional fried. The vacuum low-temperature frying technology organically combines frying and dehydrating, making the technology unique and superior in adaptability, especially for fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Currently, vacuum fried foods sold in markets include: fruits such as apples, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, etc.; vegetables such as sweet potatoes, potatoes,carrots, pumpkins, green beans, garlic and onions; meat & seafoods such as fish, shrimp, etc. And also a variety of dried fruits such as peanuts and jujube.

The vacuum frying machine is playing more and more important role in the market because more and more people like healthy and delicious snacks.

But do you know how to select a right vacuum frying machine?

1,Absoluetly vacuum playing the most important role in this vacuum frying system. The more better vacuum degree, will bring you not only shorter frying time,but also decrese the oil content of the final foods.

2,Oil heating system. How to keep the oil temperature steady will affect the frying food taste also. The oil temperature will drop down when full of baskets raw material dip into frying oil. The most important how to rise the temperature to the required number is more important. The heating exchanger is the best solution which heated by steam.

3,The oil pump working condition is also important during frying. It will circulate the oil from fryer chamber to exchanger and push oil back to chamber. But the oil pump is not a normal pump can work because it is working under vacuum condition, it need higher energy to suck and push the oil circulating. Tindo vacuum frying machine only need a 1.5kw pump can make the oil circulating well because we have its own paten design.

4,The frying capacity per batch depends on volume of frying baskets,but is also affected by the fryer chamber and the vacuum system and oil heating system. You need select a model which can process suitable raw fruits & vegetables per basket under right frying time. Because longer frying time meaning higher oil content in final foods and less crispy taste but hard taste.

5,The thin fruits chips,special potato chips,there is high starch content, very easy stick together.if lot of chips stick together, how to fry the middle chips?Longer the frying time? the no stick chips maybe burnt when the middle chips fried well,also wast time. So air blowing the chips to remove most water on surface is neccessory. But Tindo vacuum frying machine frying baskets also can be vibration (up and down,forwardering and reverse rotating ) seperate the chips by oil attacking.

6,Reliable devices, such as the vacuum sealings, Skeleton oil seal,temperature sensor,pneumatic valves, top brand electric parts,such as Mitsubishi,Schneider,Simens etc.

If you have any doubt on selecting a right model vacuum frying machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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