Automatic Gas Heating Horizontal Cooking Kettle

Automatic Gas Heating Horizontal Cooking Kettle

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Automatic Gas Heating Horizontal Cooking Kettle

Product Introduction of the Automatic Gas Heating Horizontal Cooking Kettle:

This Automatic Gas Heating Horizontal Cooking Kettle using U type design,and vacuumized from the bottom, enclosed slot kettle.
The kettle and other parts which touch the food are made from top quality SS304,easy cleaning.
Heated by Nature Gas or LPG, there are easy operation, no fume, no exploding characteristics.

Using advantage transmission and leak-proof structure, make sure the transmission part is isolated from the kettle inside, keep the food safety and clean.
Group drived by stepless variable speed device and worm gear and reduction gears working together, increase the power of horizontal axis mixing.
Using frequency speed motor, the mixing rotation speed can be adjustable from zero to the highest speed, be beneficial to control the temperature accurately, operating steadily.
Hydraulic discharging method, automatic discharging, fully discharged.


Model Kettle dia Mixing Power Heating Source Mixing Speed Lifting/Tilting Size
300L 500mm 4KW LPG/LNG 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2300*1100*1300mm
400L 600mm 4KW LPG/LNG 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2500*1100*1300mm
500L 700mm 4KW LPG/LNG 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2700*1100*1300mm
600L 800mm 4KW LPG/LNG 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2900*1100*1300mm


Can be used for concentration,cooking and mixing beverage,stuffing, sauces, curry, sweets, pastes, filling, meat and so on which is high viscosity.

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