Automatic Batch type Industrial Frying Machine


Automatic Batch type Industrial Frying Machine

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Automatic industrial frying machine can use electric, gas, coal as heating energy.
It can automatically feeding, stirring, discharging, save manpower.
It adopts oil-water mixture, extended drain intervals, reducing the cost of oil.
The machine uses high quality SUS304 materials, suitable for small food processing enterprises.
Food after fried is with good color, flavor and taste, also clean and beautiful appearance, improve product quality and extend the shelf life.


Model Power Fry basket size Weight Dimension
BD-1000 36kw/380v 1000*400mm 500kg 1600*1500*1650mm
BD-1200 60kw/380v 1200*400mm 600kg 1700*1600*1650mm
BD-1500 72kw/380v 1500*400mm 800kg 1900*1900*1650mm

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