Manual Tilting Jacketed Cooking Mixer

Manual Tilting Jacketed Cooking Mixer

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The bowl is produced by special material with stamping molding technology, with small roundness error, the agitator can match with the pot body accurately, this will avoid pasting during mixing and heating.
Heating source can be electric conduction oil, electromagnetic, steam and gas.
Using special slant rotating solution to help the agitator scrape the bowl completely, with the rotation rate of autorotation and revolution, so there is no mixing blind corner.
Using frequency speed motor, the mixing rotation speed can be adjustable from zero to the highest speed, be beneficial to control the temperature accurately, operating steadily.
Rotating the hand wheel, the bowl will be tilted through worm gear, worm wheel device working, and easy operation.
Electromagnetic heating: heat up fast,energy saving,save around 20%-30% energy than electric conduction oil heating solution.
Gas heaing: Easy to use, not restricted by the electric voltage.
Steam heating: Operating costs low, but not suitable for high temperature cooking.
Electric conduction oil heating: easy operation, no fume, heating area large, high heating efficiency and heating uniformly characteristics


Model Bowl dia Mixing Power Mixing Speed Lifting/Tilting Size Heating Source
100L 800mm 1.5KW 0-35rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 1300*1200*2200mm Gas,



200L 900mm 1.5KW 0-35rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 1400*1300*1600mm
300L 1000mm 1.5KW 0-35rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 1500*1400*1680mm
400L 1100mm 2.2KW 0-35rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 1600*1500*1750mm
500L 1200mm 4KW 0-35rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 1700*1600*2200mm


Can be used for high viscosity sauce mixing and cooking industry,filling cooking industry(jam, lotus paste, preserved fruit, jujube paste), meat processing industry(pot-stewed fowl, ported meat paste, hoisin sauce), seasoning industry(hotpot condiment, instant noodles paste, chili sauce),hotel , restaurant and fast food site.

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