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Tindo Sign a contract about the Vacuum frying machine with Netherlands famous chips manufacturer

On 7th,Sep,2017, the famous  Netherlands company which produce the best-quality, pure, organic crisps signed a contract about purchasing 2 sets Vauum frying machine VF250 model  with us, JINAN TINDO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Netherlands client is a very famous factory of the  organic crisps,Established in 1983 ,they produce a wide range of products at our state-of-the-art crisp factory. With their modern production lines and skilled staff, they are able to bake at a low temperature, which has a positive impact on the quality of the crisps [...]

Canada client’s 6 sets jacketed cooking kettle order producing finished

After 1mont producing, the Canada client 6 sets jacketed cooking kettle(1sets 400L steam heating,and 5sets 200L gas heating) are finished producing. The first shipment on 8th,Sep will delivery 2 sets of them. The lst 4 sets will delivery on 15th,Sep. This is our Canada client’s 5th order since second half year 2016. Our this client highly praised our machine’s quality,reliable,performance and our after sale service. We will keep long time and deeply cooperation with our Canada client, and we will sign the distribution [...]

150Kgs/h caramel popcorn production line producing for clients

After 3 days communication with the clients on the technology,client’s factory layout,and many other points, we sign the contract with the clients on 150KGS/H caramel popcorn production line. The estimate delivery date is 10th,June. This popcorn production line using our 3 sets top quality Electric heating jackted cooking kettle, and extra conveyoring belt with scatter,cooling line, sifting drum,the total length of the line is 12.5 meters. Our popcorn producing kettle which you can get more than 95% popping rate, much higher [...]

Canada client visit inspect the jacket cooking kettle

Quality determines the vitality of Tindo, innovation is the nourishment of Tindo, integrity is the foundation of Tindo. Tindo want to go in the long run, not only to serve the old customers, but also actively develop new customers, while grasping the current market, research and development of new equipment, the design of new processes, and common progress with customers. Yesterday, after the completion of the bottom stirring jacket kettle, customers from Canada visit Tindo, boiled milk experiment, and exchange related [...]

U.S. customers visit Tindo

Since the establishment, Tindo introduce a variety of equipments,  welcomed by businessmen at home and abroad. Including the classic planetary stirring pan, new type spherical popcorn machine, hot sale Hot pot material frying machine, also there is a large variety of automatic cooking machine, multi head stirring frying pan, horizontal stirring frying pan, not only sold in Chinese, but also to the world overseas. Today, the United States customer made a special trip here, discuss the equipment and cooperation matters with Tindo, appreciate the [...]

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