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How to select a right and top quality vacuum frying machine?

The vacuum fried food is dehydrated at a low temperature under vacuum condition take oil as the Intermediary. Due to the presence of vacuum, dehydration plays an important role. So it is different from the traditional fried. The vacuum low-temperature frying technology organically combines frying and dehydrating, making the technology unique and superior in adaptability, especially for fruits and vegetables with high water content. Currently, vacuum fried foods sold in markets include: fruits such as apples, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, etc.; vegetables [...]

How to make chili sauce at home?

Chili sauce is such popular in the market, people like its special taste very much,it adds the final dash of flavor, or “fire,” to many wonderful recipes. Do you want to make the special taste chili sauce at home for your family? Come on, you can do it very good. Did you hear chili sauce referred to as salsa or hot sauce? The sauce is often part of a recipe, but it can stand alone as a wonderful dip. Whether you’re [...]

What is the oil popping popcorn machine?

In the market, you can see many different popcorn,butterfly, mushroom, and with lot of flavorings, chocolate, caramel,salty,chili,cheese etc. but do you know how to get the popcorn? Generally, popcorn pops when it is heated to the right and suitable temperature. That heating can be accomplished in 3 different ways,1st, popping in Hot Oil, 2nd,popping in Hot Air, and 3rd popping in Microwave Ovens. Popping with oil is a more and more popular and easy way to get the popcorn for industrial or [...]

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