New cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machines are ready for delivery

After month producing, the new order of the cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine is ready and waiting for delivery. This is the third time purchasing TINDO Vacuum frying machine. This new  cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine  will produce around 120kgs cauliflower per hour, for those 4 new machines, totally around 500kgs per hour.Client will be the biggest vacuum frying food supplier in North and Latin America market. Also they will process around 500kgs/h pineapple chips and other fruits by these vacuum frying [...]

300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt

300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt After 20days producing, the 300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt. Our this Egypt client is the biggest snacks food factory in Egypt and Africa market, they start their popcorn food factory by Tindo caramel mushroom popcorn machine. Client in Egypt want to produce caramel mushroom popcorn,salty popcorn,cheese popcorn,and others totally 10 different flavored popcorn. This big line including 6 popcorn poppers,cooling machine,scattering machine,lifting machine,separating machine,powder flavoring machine. The popcorn popper is auto oil feeding,easy operating, [...]

Holland Vacuum frying machine installed and producing top quality foods

After 1 months producing, and 40days sea shipping from China to Holland, the machines arrive to Holland client’s factory on June,2018. At the seconds the machine arrived to client factory, our professional engineer went there to helping the client installing and training operation in Holland. Only spend 3 days on the installing and training, the workers operate the machine well and now the factrory producing top quality chips by Tindo machine’s Vacuum frying machine VF250. Congratulations to our client in Holland, they [...]

Canada client’s 6 sets jacketed cooking kettle order producing finished

After 1mont producing, the Canada client 6 sets jacketed cooking kettle(1sets 400L steam heating,and 5sets 200L gas heating) are finished producing. The first shipment on 8th,Sep will delivery 2 sets of them. The lst 4 sets will delivery on 15th,Sep. This is our Canada client’s 5th order since second half year 2016. Our this client highly praised our machine’s quality,reliable,performance and our after sale service. We will keep long time and deeply cooperation with our Canada client, and we will sign the distribution [...]

New Popcorn machine delivery to Brazil

After 3 weeks producing, the gas heating popcorn machine finished producing,testing and packing, today it will be delivered to seaport and will take next week shipment. The popcorn machine is gas(LPG )heated,with large capacity,each hour will get around 50Kgs caramel or original flavoring butterfly or mushroom popcorn. This is our the first cooperation with this client, but we make sure we will have long time cooperation. Dear Gabriel Lira, please be ready for recieve this machine and get ready for benefit coming!  

300Kgs industrial Mushroom and butterfly caramel popcorn production line delivery

In July, our friendly client,Mr.Anthony from America place an order 300Kgs industrial Mushroom and butterfly caramel popcorn production line, after 25days producing, the 300Kgs industrial Mushroom and butterfly caramel popcorn production line finished 3 days ago. And after testing, all equipment works well. On 1st Aug,2017, the line loaded container. It will delivery to Nigeria which Mr.Anthony’s new project there. It will arrive to Onne port 45days later. Thanks our friendly client start the cooperating with us, we cheers and wish our client business [...]

USA VF200 vacuum frying machine come into use

After 5 days installation and traning of the VF 200 vacuum frying machine in Kansas,America,the machine came into use since 15th,May. Now, the client producing the potato chips,potato sticks, carrot crisps, crispy beans,broccoli crisps,beetroot chips, and many other vegetable and fruits. After a few days operation, the clients gave the extremely high appraisal. They said: Jinan Tindo’s vacuum frying machine working very well, high capacity. The final food quality is exactly conform to America food safty requirements. The Jinan Tindo’s vacuum fryer technology [...]

2 sets gas heating jacketed cooking mixer delivery to Canada on 24th.April

2 sets gas heating jacketed cooking mixer delivery to Canada on 24th.April. The buyer from Canada is a famouse Japanese noodles multiple shop,which has 36 shops. In April, the buyer visit us and decide to purchase 2 sets gas heating jacketed cooking mixer which is bottom stirring design,which will be used for cooking the bone soup for the noodles. In the buyers schedule, they will purchase more than 50sets in this year to replace their previous old kettle. Tindo’s top quality jacketed [...]

One whole set VF200 vacuum frying machine after tested well in factory, will delivery to Tajikistan next week

After 30days producing,one whole set VF200 vacuum frying machine after tested in factory, will delivery to Tajikistan next week. The buyer comes from USA, they are a very professional and expert investment company in food field.They will build a new factory as public welfare establishments in Tajikistan. So they have very strictly requirement on the machinery and the producing technology. In March, the buyer visit us,and compared our products with other 2 vacuum frying machine factory, the buyer are really attracted by our vacuum fryer [...]

2 sets Vacuum frying machine for vegetables and fruits delivery to Brazil

on 31th, March, the second order 2 sets vacuum frying machine VF200 of Brazil buyer fitted into container. This is the second purchase from us by this client. The first purchasement was in the June,2016. After they buyer operating our machine and produce the different vegetables and fruits, the buyer very satisfied with our VF200 vacuum frying machine. The VF200 vacuum frying machine produce top quality vacuum fired food, and win the market fastly,and now, the buyer of this VF200 vacuum frying machine [...]

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