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USA VF200 vacuum frying machine come into use

After 5 days installation and traning of the VF 200 vacuum frying machine in Kansas,America,the machine came into use since 15th,May. Now, the client producing the potato chips,potato sticks, carrot crisps, crispy beans,broccoli crisps,beetroot chips, and many other vegetable and fruits. After a few days operation, the clients gave the extremely high appraisal. They said: Jinan Tindo’s vacuum frying machine working very well, high capacity. The final food quality is exactly conform to America food safty requirements. The Jinan Tindo’s vacuum fryer technology [...]

One whole set VF200 vacuum frying machine after tested well in factory, will delivery to Tajikistan next week

After 30days producing,one whole set VF200 vacuum frying machine after tested in factory, will delivery to Tajikistan next week. The buyer comes from USA, they are a very professional and expert investment company in food field.They will build a new factory as public welfare establishments in Tajikistan. So they have very strictly requirement on the machinery and the producing technology. In March, the buyer visit us,and compared our products with other 2 vacuum frying machine factory, the buyer are really attracted by our vacuum fryer [...]

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