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New Vacuum Frying project start producing in Mexico

New Vacuum Frying project start producing in Mexico After month producing, loaded by 4 units 40ft containers shipped to Guadalajara,Mexico,and Tindo’s engineer gave installing & training 3 weeks,a 300Kgs input large capacity vacuum frying machine project start producing. The system including VF250 Vacuum frying machines,Oil filtering system,Oil storage system,Chilling water system,CIP systems. The client in Mexico is a famous USA company invested in Mexico start to producing vacuum fried pineapple chips,cauliflower,carrots etc. Their aim is to be the NO.1  vacuum fried snacks in North [...]

Tindo will join the 29th Food Processing Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (M’SIA- FOODPRO 2018)

In order to develop the South East Asia market, and get a chance to meet our clients from South East Asia, Tindo decide to attend the 29th Food Processing Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (M’SIA- FOODPRO 2018)  which will start on 19th-22th,July,2018 in Putra World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Our Booth number is 1109. We will take the jacketed cooking kettle samples to the exhibition, so you will see our machine running there. We waiting for your coming. The 29th Malaysia International Packaging & [...]

Tindo design a new machine- battering and breading machine two in one

With a months time designing and testing, Tinod machine issued a new machine which used for coating batter and bread crumbs or powder for the meat or fruits & vegetables .Named battering and breading machine. This machine is a 2 in 1 type machine, the upper layer for coating batter,and lower layer used for coating bread crumbs. It can be special used for  large size burger patties, with bone, boneless chickens to small size strips, cubes, shrimps, onion rings etc. The food [...]

Tindo Vacuum Frying machine Pass the CE certification

After 2 months complicated work,application,inspect,modify,technical training,technical update,Jinan Tindo’s CE certification for the Vacuum frying machine pass the CE certificate. This certificate is issued by the European famous NB institution UDEM INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIO AUDITING TRAINING CENTRE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC.CO. This time, UDEM inspect our all 4 models Vacuum frying machine, VF100,VF200,VF250,VF400 models. All these 4 models approved by UDEM. This certification marked a new period of the Vacuum Frying machine marketing. We will supply the more advantage,more reliable,more efficiency vacuum frying machine for the whole [...]

Tindo Sign a contract about the Vacuum frying machine with Netherlands famous chips manufacturer

On 7th,Sep,2017, the famous  Netherlands company which produce the best-quality, pure, organic crisps signed a contract about purchasing 2 sets Vauum frying machine VF250 model  with us, JINAN TINDO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Netherlands client is a very famous factory of the  organic crisps,Established in 1983 ,they produce a wide range of products at our state-of-the-art crisp factory. With their modern production lines and skilled staff, they are able to bake at a low temperature, which has a positive impact on the quality of the crisps [...]

New model Vacuum frying machine development has been succeeded

After a years and hundereds testing, the new model VACUUM FRYING MACHINE ,VF250 model vacuum frying machine succeeded. This new model adopt the most advantage technology of vacuum frying, and top brand spare parts,such as Korea LS brand PLC and inverter ,TUCHWIN/Mitsubishi Touch screen,Schneider Electric parts, German JUMO temperature sensor. This new machine have a good output capacity,take the potato chips 2mm thickness for example,it only need less than 15min per batch, and each batch it can load 80-100Kgs per batch. So [...]

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