New cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machines are ready for delivery

After month producing, the new order of the cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine is ready and waiting for delivery.

This is the third time purchasing TINDO Vacuum frying machine.

This new  cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine  will produce around 120kgs cauliflower per hour, for those 4 new machines, totally around 500kgs per hour.Client will be the biggest vacuum frying food supplier in North and Latin America market.

Also they will process around 500kgs/h pineapple chips and other fruits by these vacuum frying machine.

Next step, we will develop the maltose soaking system and the vegetable and fruits with water risen systems.

You give us chance for supplying you the equipment, we offer you the reliable tools for win the market!

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