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THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020 is now re-scheduled to 22 – 26 September 2020.

Event Announcement THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020 is now re-scheduled to 22 – 26 September 2020. In keeping up with the current situations involving the novel coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic and the increasing restrictions being placed on travel and tourism, THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2020 which was originally planned to be held at the IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand from 26 – 30 May 2020, is now rescheduled. The well-being of all the attendees remains the organisers’ top priority. After [...]

How to select a right and top quality vacuum frying machine?

The vacuum fried food is dehydrated at a low temperature under vacuum condition take oil as the Intermediary. Due to the presence of vacuum, dehydration plays an important role. So it is different from the traditional fried. The vacuum low-temperature frying technology organically combines frying and dehydrating, making the technology unique and superior in adaptability, especially for fruits and vegetables with high water content. Currently, vacuum fried foods sold in markets include: fruits such as apples, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, etc.; vegetables [...]

New cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machines are ready for delivery

After month producing, the new order of the cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine is ready and waiting for delivery. This is the third time purchasing TINDO Vacuum frying machine. This new  cauliflower and broccoli vacuum frying machine  will produce around 120kgs cauliflower per hour, for those 4 new machines, totally around 500kgs per hour.Client will be the biggest vacuum frying food supplier in North and Latin America market. Also they will process around 500kgs/h pineapple chips and other fruits by these vacuum frying [...]

Successful in Malaysia exhibition

Tindo join in the 30TH M’SIA-PACK&FOODPRO in PWTC on 18-21th,July,219. During the 4 days exhibition, we got great communication with our clients from Malaysia,Vietnam,India,and also European clients. We showed the Vacuum frying machine, vegetable and fruits washing machine, slicing machine,popcorn making machine,jam and sauce processing cooking mixer. We developed good cooperated agent in Malaysia, so we will have good after sales service in Malaysia and other South East Asia.

How to make vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips?

How to make vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips? More and more people like the vacuum fried fruits and vegetable chips or sticks because its healthy,less oil content,crunchy crispy taste. Off course the vacuum fried fruits should be processed by vacuum fryer, but also you need other processing steps. But do you know how to make the vacuum frying fruits and vegetables chips crispy and good taste? Normally,most vegetables process like this: fruits washing & peeling,slicing,blanching(some no need), soak maltose(some no need),de-watering,Freezing,vacuum frying,cooling,flavoring,packing. But [...]

How to make chili sauce at home?

Chili sauce is such popular in the market, people like its special taste very much,it adds the final dash of flavor, or “fire,” to many wonderful recipes. Do you want to make the special taste chili sauce at home for your family? Come on, you can do it very good. Did you hear chili sauce referred to as salsa or hot sauce? The sauce is often part of a recipe, but it can stand alone as a wonderful dip. Whether you’re [...]

What is the oil popping popcorn machine?

In the market, you can see many different popcorn,butterfly, mushroom, and with lot of flavorings, chocolate, caramel,salty,chili,cheese etc. but do you know how to get the popcorn? Generally, popcorn pops when it is heated to the right and suitable temperature. That heating can be accomplished in 3 different ways,1st, popping in Hot Oil, 2nd,popping in Hot Air, and 3rd popping in Microwave Ovens. Popping with oil is a more and more popular and easy way to get the popcorn for industrial or [...]

How to produce the mushroom popcorn industrial?

If you are a snacks factory and want to produce the popcorn,you can pay attention on our 100-500kgs/h different capacity popcorn production line. This popcorn production line including popcorn poppers,cooling and scattering conveyor, separating drum,flavoring machine. You just need to start the popcorn popper, and feeding oil into popcorn popper,then corn kernels (maltose,caramel or other flavoring if needed),keep the popcorn popper heating and mixing, finally you can get popcorn. Then discharge the popcorn to the converyor, it will cooling,scarttering,separating,flavoring,and packing. If you [...]

New Vacuum Frying project start producing in Mexico

New Vacuum Frying project start producing in Mexico After month producing, loaded by 4 units 40ft containers shipped to Guadalajara,Mexico,and Tindo’s engineer gave installing & training 3 weeks,a 300Kgs input large capacity vacuum frying machine project start producing. The system including VF250 Vacuum frying machines,Oil filtering system,Oil storage system,Chilling water system,CIP systems. The client in Mexico is a famous USA company invested in Mexico start to producing vacuum fried pineapple chips,cauliflower,carrots etc. Their aim is to be the NO.1  vacuum fried snacks in North [...]

300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt

300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt After 20days producing, the 300-400Kgs/h caramel popcorn producing line deliveried to Egypt. Our this Egypt client is the biggest snacks food factory in Egypt and Africa market, they start their popcorn food factory by Tindo caramel mushroom popcorn machine. Client in Egypt want to produce caramel mushroom popcorn,salty popcorn,cheese popcorn,and others totally 10 different flavored popcorn. This big line including 6 popcorn poppers,cooling machine,scattering machine,lifting machine,separating machine,powder flavoring machine. The popcorn popper is auto oil feeding,easy operating, [...]

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