Automatic Muti-agitators Cooking Mixer – Gas Heating


Automatic Muti-agitators Cooking Mixer – Gas Heating

This Cooking Mixer widely used for making sauces, hand and soft sweets, pastes and fried food.

Gas heating, easy operating

6PCS Teflon Agitators moving as planetary motion, make the food rolling from up to bottom, mix and cook the food in the bowl uniform.

In addition, the mixing scrapers can touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning and make food pretty and tasty.

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This design equipment has 6 mixing agitators, the agitators made from high-intensitive PTFE(Teflon),safety, innocuity, high temperature resistance.

Can be heated by gas or Electric Induction.

Heating area large, and heating up fast and uniform, high efficiency. Exhaust gas at the back side.
High quality SS304 material , easy cleaning.
Agitators will scrape the bowl compactly,100% scraping ,will no sticky and burn in the bowl.
Mixing speed is adjustable, Rotating revolution and autoroatation with fixed rate, will increase the cooking effect.
Hydraulic power discharging, easy operation. Discharging without dead angle,save manpower.

Model Bowl dia Mixing/Lifting Power Mixing Speed Lifting/Tilting Size
600L 1200mm 2.2+1.5KW 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2050*1750*1900mm
800L 1400mm 2.2+1.5KW 0-30rpm/M Auto/Hydraulic 2260*1930*1900mm


Can be used for mixing and cooking industry, filling cooking industry (jam, lotus paste, preserved fruit, jujube paste), meat processing industry(pot-stewed fowl, ported meat paste, hoisin sauce), seasoning industry(hotpot condiment, instant noodles paste, chili sauce),hotel , restaurant and fast food site.


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