Belt Continuous Frying Machine

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Belt continuous frying machine adopts SUS304 materials, double layers conveyor belts, belt speed adjustable, automatic lifting system to easy clean machine body, thermostat and continuous production to ensure the same frying temperature and time.
It uses oil-water mixture or oil scraping residue technology, the residue will sink in the water or scraped from longitudinal and transverse scraping system, to keep oil clean, oil filter can be equipped with control.
The machine adopts temperature control module, it can set multiple classes heating and achieve partitions temperature control.


Model Power Oil volume Weight Dimension Output
LZ-3D 48kw/380v 600L 600kg 3000脳1200脳2400mm 100-300kg/h
LZ-4D 60kw/380v 700L 700kg 4000脳1200脳2400mm 200-400kg/h
LZ-5D 72kw/380v 800L 800kg 5000脳1200脳2400mm 300-500kg/h
LZ-6D 90kw/380v 1000L 1000kg 6000脳1200脳2400mm 400-600kg/h


Compact structure ,easy operation
Has advantage of continuous production, save the labor
Food-grade stainless steel ,frying time and temperature can be controlled automatically according
to the quality of snacks food
Steady performance, good quality

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